We have successfully repaired cracked pools at times when the job looked impossible, and Torque Lock has proven it’s value in all of them. There are moments, however, when you have to call it quits on your pool. There are some situations where even the trusted strength of Torque Lock just won’t save a pool that’s too far gone.

Ignoring Structural Cracks Can Lead To Bigger Problems

There’s sort of an unspoken rule of thumb regarding pool leaks. If the total length of the cracking is more than half the linear footage of the pool, the pool just might have to go. lets take a look at that in numbers.

A 15×30, standard size swimming pool, is equivalent to 90 liner feet. if the cracking totals more than 45 feet, you have to make considerations that the pool has to be rebuilt.

Understand that it’s not impossible to save a cracked structure using Torque Lock if the pool itself is simply riddled with cracks. it’s been done and they hold, but for the sake of potential failure due to there simply being too much damage, sometimes it’s a safer bet to let it go and put in a new pool.

If you’re confident the pool is salvageable, or if you’re simply repairing an ordinary structural crack, take a look at the options for making repairs in the store. Torque Lock ships direct to your door and you can only get Torque Lock Staples through Torque Lock. If it doesn’t say Torque Lock, it’s an imitation and it won’t work.