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Just what is this Torque Lock thing?

The Torque Lock Structural Repair System is a patented structural crack repair apparatus and method which is suitable for repairing cracks in concrete structures. While extremely common in pools; Torque Lock is applicable to virtually any concrete crack.

The amazing Torque Lock Structural Crack Repair Staple (or “the Staple”) is characterized by structural simplicity, ease of installation and impacts considerable structural strength to a cracked structure. Unlike other products that offer literal plastic and/or mesh wire as a solution – the Staple from Torque Lock is steel … SOLID STEEL, and we implore you to make it bend or snap using any kind of rock. You simply can not do it!

When properly installed, (yes, you can do it!), the Torque Lock Structural System will prevent further widening and/or propagation of the crack.  The Torque Lock Concrete Staple is applicable to repairing structural cracks in concrete, shotcrete, gunite, pre-cast, or poured block.

Want to see what it’s all about? Check out this video.

Torque Lock Compression Values on 3725 psi Concrete

Size Embedment Recommended Torque Compression
3″ 4″ 40 lbs 4100 lbs
6″ 4″ 40 lbs 4100 lbs
3″ 6″ for setback 40 lbs 4100 lbs
6″ 6″ for setback 40 lbs 4100 lbs

Epoxy Technical Data

Shelf Life: Best when used within 12 months of manufacturing date.
Storage Conditions: Store dry in original unopened packaging in cool conditions at 40° – 80°F (4-27°C) and out of direct sunlight.
Color: Components ‘A’ + ‘B’ mixed: uniform gray
Mixing Ratio: Components ‘A’: Component ‘B’ = 10:1 by volume
Consistency: Component ‘A’ + ‘B’ mixed: non-sag, creamy paste
Application Temperature: Substrate and ambient: 14°-8°6F (-10°-30°C)
Density (Mixed): 2.75 lbs./gal. (0.33kg/l)