In 2004, frustrated with traditional crack repair methods, including epoxy injection, re-bar, etc., Torque Lock founder and inventor Darren Merlob developed a revolutionary technique for repairing structural cracks – the Torque Lock Staple. Built stronger, made easier to use and guaranteed to deliver a controlled compression that stays – Darren‘s Staple and its method of application earned a Patent and has since been used world wide. That’s 7 Continents, hundreds of countries and in thousands upon thousands of applications. it is the only post-tension controlled compression device on the market for solid concrete repair and it’s the proven solution to structural cracking!

All Torque Lock Staples are made in-house. This is how we guarantee consistency and quality control for all of our products. Because the Torque-Lock ™ Staple is used to repair and stabilize cracks in virtually any structure composed of cement, Gunite, concrete, poured block and more, we insist that production is kept in-house to ensure customers of only the highest quality of their build.

Torque Lock Staple and Repair applications include swimming pools, spas, fountains, concrete foundations, garages, and basement floors. To stabilize cracks properly and to stop their spreading, shifting, and widening: if it’s concrete and it cracks, Torque Lock is the only solution that works.

Using its patented Cam Lock™ technique, Torque lock Staples stabilize cracking by creating up to 5000 lbs of compression torque for each staple installed. When applied in the recommended stitching method, also patented, the end result is durability, strength and support.

When designing the Torque Lock™ staple, we kept 3 things in mind:

  • Easy Installation
  • Visibility
  • Guarantee


A 10-foot concrete crack can be repaired in as little as 1 hour. You do not need to be a professional contractor to install the staples. Being handy with tools helps, but be assured, complete video instruction is available here on the website and you can see how the process is done. While we may recommend hiring someone familiar with concrete and structural repair to do the job, it can be done by literally anyone.


The Torque Lock™ staple counter-sinks into the existing concrete structure allowing the installer to apply plaster, Marcite, tile, exposed aggregate finishes, Chattahoochee, cool deck or any other surface to create a finish like there was never a crack to begin with.

Our Guarantee:

Our Torque Lock™ Staple is guaranteed. Its that simple (see our warranty for full details)


Five (5) Torque Lock Kits are available for permanent repair applications (as seen below):

  • TL-10: Includes whats required to repair a 10 foot crack.
  • TL-30: Includes whats required to repair a 30 foot crack.
  • TL-50: Includes whats required to repair a 50 foot crack.
  • TLR-45: Includes (5) 45-degree radius staples for radius crack applications.
  • TLR-90: Includes (5) 90-degree corner staples for corner crack applications.


The Torque Lock™ Staple is created in four sizes – a 3-inch staple and 6-inch for flat surface applications and the corner and radius staples as described above. This is integral to the pattern which you install them in. The Cams are interchangeable in all staples and torquing them into position is done with a standard ratchet attachment and torque wrench, as found in any local home improvement center. This is all that’s needed to turn the cam into position. (review  the videos)

View a video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/arMJPFZmkrU