Torque Lock Installation Demo:

The Patented Torque Lock Structural Staple provides the only controlled post-tension staple solution to fixing structural cracks in the world.  As seen here, Torque Lock provides the final solution to fixing extreme cracking in a swimming pool. Torque Lock is applicable to cracks in cement, gunite, shotcrete, pools, spas, and fountains.

A Complete Torque Lock Installation:

In this video, we take you through the initial walk-up on the pool through the complete draining, cleaning, marking and installation of the staples. then we show how we cover them and match the PebbleTec before refilling the pool.

Torque Lock Installation Demo:

Watch how easily you can stabilize cracks with Torque Lock staples in this quick demo!

Torque Lock Corner/Radius Installation Demo:

The patented Torque Lock Corner Staple is a final fix for structural cracks in pools, walls, floors, cement, concrete, gunite, and other structural applications. The corner/radius staple is the perfect application for cracks in corners and comes in two styles – the 90-degree and radius type for securing corner cracks with a controlled compression.

Torque Lock Staples VS Competitors:

Torque Lock Staples are the best method for concrete crack repair. Concrete cracks are stabilized with torque pressure, competitors have no strength and do nothing to prevent the structural crack from opening in the future. Beware of imitators!

Structural Crack Repair Using the Misting-Mapping Method and Epoxy Injection Failure:

This is a video showing an up-close visual of epoxy injection and how it is unable to penetrate appropriately and has failed. We also show the “misting” method to obtain the total amount of linear feet of structural cracks to be repaired.