If you have you been putting off structural crack repairs, this post is for you. In our previous blog post, we discussed how you can identify whether an existing crack is structural or superficial (cosmetic).  If structural, it’s time to use the Torque Lock Staple method.  Torque Lock is the only tension-post staple on the market and is the industry wide standard for structural crack repair.

Using Torque Lock Staples with its controlled compression and ability to repair the cracks permanently makes it a revolutionary solution. Torque Lock Staples can be used to repair structural cracks in swimming pools, fountains, basement cracks and fracture lines in foundations, driveways, seawalls and more. Don’t ignore repairing structural cracks as they will never get better, only worse.  Repair today to prevent more damage tomorrow. 

Learn how to install Torque Lock Staples and make repairs by visiting https://torque-lock.com. Call 818-436-2953 to discuss your repair needs and see if Torque Lock is the answer for your structural crack repair.