When structural cracks happen in solid concrete applications, it’s time to get Torque Lock Staples  for the repair.

Whether it’s a basement crack, swimming pool crack, or slab foundation crack, each Torque Lock Staple will apply torque compression to stabilize the crack preventing it from developing any further.

What makes the Torque Lock Structural Staples unique is the patented Cam Lock system.  When installed, each Torque Lock staple creates 2300 pounds of torque compression resulting in strength and stability.  Torque Lock Staples have become the World Wide Leader in the Swimming Pool industry and has set the standard for structural crack repair.

Structural Cracks don’t always appear on a flat surface so we created Torque Locks for corners:  the TLR45 and the TLR90.  The TLR45 Staple is used for radius areas and the TLR90 is for the corners.  These staples are larger in size, but perform the same with the same Torque Compression as the flat staples.

If you don’t want to have to perform the same crack repair on more than one occasion, do it right once, do it with Torque Lock Staples.

Get Torque Lock Structural Staples

It is best if you can catch a structural crack from further cracking.  When left unattended, the crack will only get worse.  Using epoxy is basically gluing the crack and “U” shaped rebar is exactly what it says, bent rebar.  If you can bend rebar, you can rest assured it does nothing to stabilize any concrete structural crack.  Torque Lock Structural Staples are the only patented stitching method which applies torque compression against a crack.

We’ve come across many crack repair jobs where rebar and epoxy were used for the repair and they just didn’t work.  Install Torque Lock Staples and stop the crack once and for all.