While structural cracks are most often caused by shifting ground movement, settling and quality of workmanship and product when the pool was created, many pool owners discover cracking issues after the winter. Where pools may have had to be filled in small amounts due to leaking before the freezing temperatures began, frozen water that was formerly weeping through cracks will likely have expanded during the winter, and cracks that started as small and almost unnoticeable now have a lot to say.

structural crack surface crack

Structural crack repair is done properly with the pool drained. While the pool will be full during the leak detection that identifies where those cracks are leaking, the repair process, when performed the right way, involves draining the pool and installing the permanent repair of Torque Lock Structural Staples.

The installation technician will map out the full extent of the crack using a light mist of water over the dry area of the pool surface where the crack is identified. This will allow the crack to hold the moisture and reveal just how far it goes. The technician will use a wax crayon or marking tool to draw out the area in need of repair.

Beginning with drilling a pilot hole at the top and bottom of the crack, or any identified cracks that will be repaired, the technician will stop it’s potential to continue cracking by doing this. then, using the 6 and 3 inch templates designed to align the placement of the staples, you’ll see just where the staples will be inserted along the crack.

The pool surface will be removed in the area where the repair will take place. When down to the unite, the technician can inset the staples into the concrete to create a controlled compression that will support the shell of the pool, refusing to let it widen its crack. With upwards of 5000 lbs of compression, the forces that have caused the pool to separate and crack won’t be a burden on the structure anymore. The crack will be stabilized and the pool shell can be repaired using a hydraulic cement and refinished to match the original surface.

Once installed properly, the pool will continue to provide enjoyment to the owner for a lifetime without concern that those cracks are going to be a problem again.

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