It’s really a common situation, when a customer knows their pool is leaking and they have this misguided belief that re-plastering the pool shell is going to stop the pool from leaking. We all know that isn’t true. What happens is, they pool leaks, they re-surface it and a week later the phone is ringing and the remodelers are blamed for the pool that was leaking a year before they even got there! It happens every day!

For avoiding this situation altogether, we perform a leak detection on the pool before we even drain it to begin working. In 45 minutes, we know if leaking occurs, exactly where it’s leaking and what needs to be done to repair it. Most of the time, we can roll it right into the work we’re doing and give the customer a newly plastered, leak free pool. It’s easy, it covers your job from that dreaded “week later” phone call and yes, you can do it with ease using the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics.

Then, there are the leaks we cause when resurfacing the pool. We get into the pool, start chipping, acid washing; there’s a lot of vibration and movement and the protrusions suffer. either the concrete around the fittings takes a beating or the acid wash wears away weak or worn areas and the result is a leak – even after the re-plastering. At this point, making repairs is a pain in the hind-side, but to leave the pool leak free, it’s got to be done. The fact is, no matter what the situation, if you leave a pool and it isn’t holding water – you were the last one in the pool, it’s your fault and the customer is going to either hold payment, or fight you for repairs. Know before you go – is the pool leaking, and where?

At LeakTronics, we manufacture the most accurate and easy to use leak detection equipment in the industry. Professionals use it every day to find leaks fast and get paid. Remodelers use it to make sure jobs aren’t held up or called back on, and on top of that, we offer an online training course to learn the best methods of providing complete coverage in as little as 45 minutes on the pool. You’re covering yourself, and you’re adding a service customers need to ensure the longevity they want in their pools.

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