You’ve had a leak detection and found that the crack you see in the pool is in fact leaking. Don’t pay twice to fix the crack, do it right the first time and hire a Torque Lock Structural Staple installer, or show your contractor this website. If your repair guy says smearing in 2-part epoxy is going to solve your problems, it won’t. The problem isn’t that your pool is leaking, the problem is your pool is cracking.

When your pool cracks, there is an obvious force of pressure that is causing the concrete to separate. Filling a crack with epoxy might stop the water flow, for now, and you can pay to dam it up for the meantime; but ultimately, you’re going to pay again later to actually repair the crack permanently. Just do it right the first time and spare the hassle. Stop the spread of the concrete with Torque Lock Staples.

The patented Torque Lock Staple is the only product available in the world that puts a controlled compression around a crack and resists the pressure that causes the crack to open up. By applying this compression, cracks refuse to spread, widen or shear. When you just put epoxy in the crack, that epoxy will fail as the crack widens, and it will widen without an opposing compression to keep it in place. Epoxy is a band-aid, Torque Lock Staples are a permanent repair that will save your pool for a lifetime of pleasure.

Where some contractors recommend tearing through the shell and installing rebar, then filling in the hole with cement – this works against your goal of having a leak free pool. The entire area where they dig that hole is now subject to leaking in the short term, and will eventually erode and leak along the entire area where they’ve cut through the pool shell. Don’t do it! In the end, you’ll wind up throwing that pool away, this doesn’t need to happen.

Just using rebar staples will also lead to future failures. Because rebar doesn’t compress on the crack, the crack will open up, leak and also continue to erode, causing further damage to the shell and costing more to keep fixing over and over until the pool is simply beyond repair. This is why Torque Lock was created – to overcome the shortcoming of all repair methods that don’t apply a controlled compression.

Installed every linear foot of the crack, Torque Lock Staples apply upwards of 5000 pounds of controlled compression to stabilize any potential movement in the concrete. They’re made of cold rolled steel and cannot bend or break. By finishing over the repaired area with a non-shrinking hydraulic cement, the cracks are filled and permanently repaired and the pool can be finished over to look new and to last for the lifetime of the pool without leaking.

Torque Lock Staples are available directly through and are shipped direct to your door. Don’t pay twice to make repairs. Spare yourself the long term stress of dealing with the same cracks twice and fix it right the first time with Torque Lock Staples. With basic hand tools and contractor skills, anyone can install them properly and save their pool.

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