Here’s a pool we respectfully declined to work on, not because it couldn’t be done, but there’s the danger of this pool falling off a cliff. Take a look at the photos and see what’s entailed here. it’s a half-million dollar pool that simply has questionable issues that need to be addressed.

The pool is built on a cliffside with the intent that it has an amazing view on a one-of-a-kind landscape, but the pool itself is cracking in a lot of places. You’ll note, it isn’t finished yet. The concrete has been shot, but the bond beam hasn’t been poured yet, it’s never held water, the factors of what could happen when it’s finished are simply indeterminable – as a result, we respectfully gave this job a pass.

We considered, and recommended to the homeowner that the foreseeable future of this pool can’t be determined and they should call on a structural engineer, a soil engineer and someone who has experience in building unique structures on what might be considered dangerous territory.

The cracks in this pool are the same as cracks that might be found in a standard 15×30 foot swimming pool on a flat residential back yard. They are applicable to using Torque-Lock Staples to make repairs, but a standard pool isn’t built under relatable situations. While a solid staple job would work to establish a sound and stabilized structure, it’s the rest of the environment that needs attention today.

As a Torque Lock installer, there will be times you’ll just have to walk away from a job. When the consideration is that a pool has a multitude of other factors that might come to life when water is added and the pool is complete, you’re better to respectfully bow out and recommend that those other factors be addressed.

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