It is important to note, before installing Torque Lock Staples, if there is any hydrostatic pressure under the pool, it has to be released before starting the process. The pressure caused by the water under the pool is going to work against you in every aspect of the job, and you can’t repair a crack when water is consistently pushing up through it while you try to work. You have to relieve the hydrostatic pressure before installing Torque Lock Staples.

Some pools will have a hydrostatic relief valve, or a plug at the bottom of the pool for just such an occasion. If not relieved, a pool will literally come out of the ground, shell and all, and that’s not pretty. it can be done by simply drilling a hole, but professionally installing a sort of relief valve is a better option, as if it was there today, it will likely be back tomorrow.

When drilling holes for the staples, or chasing the crack, you are going into the shell of the pool. You’re going to fill the crack with a hydraulic cement, and ultimately the shell will be sound when the job is done, but every crack and hole has the potential to relieve that pressure for you. This means water venting through the shell from the pressure under the pool, and you can’t work in those situations. Try putting concrete into a crack that’s pushing water back at you, it can’t be done.

Once installed, the staples will secure the crack permanently, keeping it from re-opening or spreading when pressure comes back under the pool, but it’s still important that a method be applied that relieves that pressure, even when the staple job is completed. the alternative is a well stapled shell coming out of the ground. At least you know it won’t come apart as you demolish the pool for removal.

Once you’ve completed the installation and any patch work to refinish the pool, removed plugs can be reinserted and the pool can be put back into service, refilled and made ready for use. The crack will be thoroughly stabilized and won’t be a problem again. Torque Lock Structural Staples are the only permanent repair method designed for pool shell repair, and it’s a patented design and method. If it doesn’t say Torque Lock, don’t use it.

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