Structural cracks can be found in almost all concrete foundations, and are commonly seen in swimming pools, sidewalks, driveways, basements, sea walls, etc. All structures settle, but because of variations in soil properties, not every point on a foundation settles uniformly, which causes cracking. Even minor cracks, over time can grow larger and cause major issues for homeowners in the form of a loss of structural integrity and even water leakage. These cracks must be fixed immediately and permanently, which is  why Torque Lock Structural Staples were created.


While some contractors may reach for epoxy to repair structural cracks, it is important to recognize that it will only fill the crack, as opposed to holding it together. After many years in the industry, we have found that epoxy can easily fail and only gives you one shot to get it right, making it critical that your injection work is done by well trained and equipped, experienced personnel. Even then, while epoxies can be dense and strong when properly cured, it is still only “gluing” the structural crack back together, which is never effective in the long run.

Homeowners and contractors alike, now have the option to fix concrete cracks permanently without the need for costly and disruptive excavation, by simply using the Torque Lock repair kit. When installed properly, Torque Lock staples provide a steel reinforced compression which does not allow for any movement, and with up to 5000 pounds of compression they will stop any structural crack dead it its tracks. Anyone who has worked with structural cracks knows  than gluing it together will not solve the problem, but the unique Concrete Stitching Method employed by the Torque Lock Staple ensures both reliability and stability.

The process of installing the Torque Lock Staples and repairing the structural crack is surprisingly simple. To begin, trace the provided templates and mark the cutouts along the crack every foot. Next, drill into the marked areas and cut into the structure making room for the locking unit.

Assemble the first until and apply epoxy into the drilled holds, then slide the pins into the holes and push the entire Torque Lock unit back. After ensuring that the epoxy is correctly set, insert the ratchet square and tighten to the recommended pounds. “V” open the crack between cut-outs to clean the area, and then fill with cement leaving no voids. Now, the repaired area can be covered with your preferred finish product.

Thanks to the Torque Lock staples reliability it is used worldwide to repair and stabilize cracks in cement and gunite, and has become an industry standard for permanent concrete crack repair. Don’t glue your structural cracks together, stop them dead in their tracks.