Written by Darren Merlob – Torque Lock Founder:

As a  swimming pool leak detection contractor I often get phone calls from panicked customers whose pool either lost water or are showing signs of cracking.

Here are the first few steps that a homeowner should take.

  1. Determine if the pool is leaking.
    Hire a licensed swimming pool leak detection company to come out and assess the water loss. They should also note the structural cracks in their findings.
  2. Try to work with the builder of the pool.
    Contact him and find out if there’s any warranty. Even if the swimming pool is out of warranty, a good builder will do what’s best for the customer and their reputation in most cases
  3. If your swimming pool contractor plans to take action, ask a lot of questions. Document everything and take pictures of everything including decks, attached spas, water features, every angle of the pool etc..
    Before your builder decides to take any course of action get a game plan in writing.
    While some builders might bring in their own engineers, the homeowner will be best off if they hire their own.
  4. Hire a soil geologist and structural engineer and get your own independent assessment of why the swimming pool cracked.
  5. If your engineers assessment and your builders course of action don’t add up, it’s best to hire legal counsel at this point. You should hire a lawyer who specializes in construction type  law.

Reasons why swimming pools crack.

There are a couple of good reasons why swimming pools crack. These reason range anywhere from a design flaw to an improper Gunite shoot.   Ground shifting can also play a role. But the biggest reason by far is builder error.

Don’t throw away the pool.

There are some cases in which the pool is cracked so bad that there’s nothing that could be done except demolition and rebuilding. There are many instances where structural cracks can be repaired with methods such as the Torque Lock Staple. Unlike bent rebar that is hammered into the wall, Torque Lock Staples provide a controlled compression strength which in turn stabilizes the crack. While the Torque Lock Staple is not suitable for every job, there are many applications where it can save both the contractor and the homeowner many headaches.