There are going to be moments in pool repair where you simply have to walk away. Torque Lock will save the world, but there are some jobs that just won’t get repaired no matter what you do to them and you’re best to just recommend a tear down and walk away from the job. here’s one!

sometimes you just have to walk away

Torque Lock Staples have the strength to hold compression on cracks for a theoretical eternity, they make structural crack repair permanent – but there are instances where even the trusted power of the patented Torque Lock Staple simply won’t be able to make repairs.

When you get to a job, take every aspect into consideration, but if a customer has already made several failed repairs and they kept trying to buy time from the inevitable, just walk away. When cracks are ignored, or several repair attempts have been made using 2-part epoxy, the cracks continue to widen and spread and the shell itself will continue to crumble and take on damage beyond what the eye can see. Just walk away.

Homeowners don’t want the expense of a rebuild in one shot, but they’ll scrimp and cheat the pool into a few more years of use with low quality, lower cost repairs, ultimately, destroying a pool they could have repaired properly the first time if they’d just used Torque Lock. If you get on one of those jobs, just walk away. You won’t win, and they’ll be calling back over and over when the repair fails – and it isn’t your fault. some pools just can’t be repaired.

For those cracks that you’ll fix today, the ones that aren’t crumbling away on a throw-away-pool, use Torque Lock. Install a Torque Lock Staple every 12 inches down the length of the crack and finish over the pool to perfection. Your customers will thank you.