Aqua Lock Concrete Staples are a scam, don’t fall for it! Anything that works is going to have people trying to cash in on knock-offs, and Aqua Lock staples ARE one of those cams. They sell on Amazon, they don’t have a company, brand or professional recommendations, and if you need to talk about issues – there’s no one there.

Don’t fall for the Aqua Lock Scam! These are not Torque Lock Staples and they do NOT apply a controlled compression to the concrete crack.

This Aqua Lock has a floppy post that floats around in the staple. There’s no compression in it, it’s just literally a dangling floppy piece of threaded plastic garbage. Then, on the side of the staple is a tiny threaded bolt that you somehow have to turn inward to press against the floppy bolt. There isn’t a lot of room to do that once it’s set into the hole, but lets look at this closer. You’re using low quality screws, with minuscule threading to attempt to compress against thousands of pounds of concrete and potential pressure and movement of concrete. That’s going to do less than nothing to hold back shifting and movement of concrete. It’s like using a sawhorse to stop a train.

With Torque Lock’s patented design, you are using solid cold-rolled steel to create a compression with upwards of 5000 lbs of guaranteed controlled compression that resists movement, shifting and separating in the crack. What this means is, when you repair the crack with actual concrete, it isn’t going to re-open and the concrete won’t break away. The crack is sealed and repaired for a lifetime. Aqua Lock isn’t giving you that security, they’re giving you a look-alike knock off and hoping you’ll give them your money for false promises. Find someone who used their product with success. We couldn’t find anyone.

See this video? This shows how just a few of the thousands upon thousands of pool repaired with Torque Lock were spared the expense of repeat repair attempts using knock-off products, garbage 2-part epoxy filler repairs and ultimately demolition. When you use Torque Lock Staples, the crack is repaired, permanently. Don’t settle for knock-offs. Only Torque Lock’s patented staple provides the strength required to repair pool cracks.