Nothing is more frustrating to the local summer landscape than having municipal pool closures during the summer heat. There are countless news articles online that discuss how cities are paying tens of thousands of dollars to inject epoxy into structural cracks and often, let leaking pools sit until they are drained and often becoming more damaged with time. The rising cost of repeat repairs, closures and frustration does not have to exist. Structural cracks can be permanently repaired using Torque Lock Structural Staples, and any contractor can do this – fast!

Seeing water loss in a big pool can mean seeing 180,000 gallons of water just going away. Likely, there is a crack in the concrete shell causing this. With a proper leak detection, identifying that in fact there are leaking structural cracks, installing Torque Lock Staples will be the only repair solution that offers permanent repair. The cost do fix it right the first time will be higher than just using a temporary band-aid, like epoxy injection, but it will be a one-time fix, and the pool will stay open, earning revenue and serving the community as intended.

The cost of having soil analysts, engineers and theorists come to the pool can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, versus the cost of applying a controlled compression to the cracks and refinishing the pool to a leak free shell. What might be a couple hundred dollars per linear foot is exponentially less expensive than calling an engineer to discuss rebuilding a pool. The truth be told, while a host of analysts might give you an answer to the problem, the rarely stand behind their claims and simply state the a pool needs to be rebuilt. Torque Lock has saved pools decades old from having to be demolished, and likely, will do the same for your municipal structure.

Installation is performed by cutting a shallow channel, about an inch deep along the area where the crack exists. Drilling holes where the Torque Lock Templates have been traced and installing the staples is easy for any contractor. There are complete video explanations of the process on the Torque Lock website. Once installed, and torqued to the proper compression, the staples are finished over with concrete and the pool is resurfaced to match the surrounding area. The controlled compression means the crack isn’t going to widen, spread or shear in the future, regardless of movement in the area of the crack. The water loss stops, and the pool is ready for use.

Before proposing a million dollar budget to repair a pool, and forcing municipal pool closures for seasons while the money is allocated from one municipal project to another, call Torque Lock and get answers to the questions you have for repairing the pool properly and opening for another season of community enjoyment.

Torque Lock Staples are shipped direct from the manufacturer to your location and customer support is available to help your contractor perform the work.

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