Torque Lock Structural Systems set the industry standard for structural crack repair in solid concrete structures. This includes repairing damaged pool shells. Structural cracking in pools can start small but with water flowing through, the issues become bigger, fast! When a proper leak detection has shown that a structural crack is leaking, it’s time to install Torque Lock Staples to secure that crack.

Torque Lock Structural Staples apply a controlled compression to either side of a structural crack. When properly torqued, this inhibits the cracks ability to spread or widen. It stabilizes the area, so when concrete is applied to penetrate and fill the crack, it sets permanently and the crack is repaired. Structural staples are set in at every 12 inches down the length of the crack and they protect the pool shell from suffering further damage if the ground shifts or the crack attempts to lengthen. It is the only patented post-tension controlled-compression staple on the market, and it’s used worldwide as the only permanent solution for structural crack repair.

In 2018, Torque Lock Structural Systems designed 2 staples to handle cracks that run into the corners and radius areas of pools and water bearing structures. By applying the same installation technique in the corner, the 45 and 90 degree angles of the corner staples offer the same compression to maintain the integrity and strength of the pool shell. This reduces the depth needed to install the staples and provides the same compression that the straight staples offer on flat surfaces. It’s a revolution in structural crack repair.

Torque Lock Structural Staples are ordered in kits. The kits come in 10, 30 and 50 pieces, and the corner staple kits include 5 staples each for cracks that run through angled areas of the shell. Each staple includes the patented CAM that applies the compression and can be installed using standard hand tools contractors acquire at any Home Depot or contractor equipment store.

Visit for ordering or to see how installation works, and visit the Torque Lock Youtube Page to see applications performed on different pools and different crack situations.

For more information, or to order staple kits by phone, call 818-436-2953.