Structural Cracks are unnerving and making permanent repairs with Torque Lock is the solution swimming pool owners need to stop water loss and to give pools the longevity they need. When left to time, cracks get worse, and temporary repairs, like 2-part epoxy, don’t provide the solution pool owners need. Unless a crack is stabilized, it will continue to spread and the damage will get worse.

There are numerous reasons why concrete cracks appear in swimming pools. It begins when the concrete is originally shot to create the pool shell. It may not have set properly, or the ground behind the pool may have shifted and settled causing stresses – regardless of the source, a crack needs to be stabilized or it will get worse.

Many pool owners have been sold the belief that applying an epoxy to a crack is the way to fix a pool. While it may stop water from seeping through the crack, it does nothing to stop the crack from worsening. Epoxy is like a band-aid; it is temporary. As it hardens, it has the potential to break apart, and it’s ability to penetrate a pool wall is extremely minimized by simple gravity. When injecting epoxy into a crack, it flows to the bottom of the crack and does nothing to fully penetrate a wall crack and remain behind the outside of the pool shell. It’s ability to remain adhered to the inner lining of the crack is virtually nil, and as the crack widens, the epoxy separates and water starts to flow out of the crack again. Epoxy doesn’t stop the crack from getting worse, and it will.

when installing a Torque Lock Structural Staple, a controlled compression is applied to the crack. When aligned with the crack, and installed every 12 inches down the length of the concrete crack, the applied pressure resists the concrete’s ability to spread. With up to 5000lbs of applied and torqued pressure, the crack cannot widen. By penetrating the crack with hydraulic cement, it adheres to the inside of the crack, fully penetrates the shell and literally rebuilds the area of the shell where the concrete has separated. because the crack cannot spread or widen, due to the application of Torque Lock Staples, it is permanently repaired and the lifespan of the structure is given back, creating a long solid pool shell, the way it was intended to be when it was originally formed.

The long term cost of simply applying patches and epoxies is summarized by how many times you’ll be re-applying and making secondary and even third repairs before the pool is beyond repair. Spending the time and money to repair it properly the first time is going to remove the ongoing expense, hassle and shutdown of a pool as years roll by. Avoid the hassle and the added expenses and repair your pool cracks properly using the trusted strength of Torque Lock Structural Staples.

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