Understand, first off, if it doesn’t take dye, it can still be structural. However, in the video below, you’ll see that this crack is pulling dye. This tells us, without a doubt, that water is being pulled through the shell. It is hands down, a crack in the shell. If the crack takes dye, it’s structural and repair should be made using Torque Lock Structural Staples.

Torque Lock Structural Staples offer the patented solution to permanently repair structural cracks and end water loss in your pool. When cracks form in the shell, they will continue to widen, spread and lengthen if not properly repaired. By installing Torque Lock Structural Staples every 12 inches down the length of the crack, you’ll be providing upwards of 5000lbs of compression to the crack. This will resist any potential the shell has to widen the crack. It is repaired, forever.

Using 2-part epoxies might make a temporary damming effect to water loss, and you might think you have the problem solved. the pressure that caused the crack still exists, and with a short amount of time, that crack will succumb to those pressures and will begin to spread. epoxies will harden and break away and leave you with a wider, more damaged crack and now there’s chunks of dried garbage in the crack. Reapplying epoxy will do nothing to stop the spreading and with the addition of the crap inside the crack, it has no ability to form any kind of seal. It will just continue to fail again and again at the expense of the pool owner. If a crack takes dye, it’s structural and you need to make repairs using Torque Lock Staples.

Fix it right the first time. Install Torque Lock Structural Staples and rest assured that you’ve made the right decision in repair. A crack fixed with Torque Lock is permanently repaired and your worries are over.

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