When structural cracking happens in a pool, getting the pool fixed properly is extremely important. Using epoxies and band-aid methods does not repair the crack, it just temporarily plugs it up and sets the homeowner up for failure in the future, and the cost of repairing a pool a second time.

When concerns over visual cracks in a pool start, always begin with a proper leak detection to see where the crack is causing water loss, and to get a good idea of where you’ll need to repair. When repairs have been planned, the contractor will drain the pool and prepare to get the pool fixed properly.

When providing permanent crack repairs using Torque Lock Structural Staples, we begin with misting and mapping the offending areas. By using a light mist over the cracks, as the surface dries, the crack retains the moisture and shows the full length of the damage. This is how we can measure out the repair required to fix the full liner distance of the crack.

We drill a pilot hole at either end of the crack to ensure that it doesn’t continue to grow. Outlining the crack with a wax crayon shows us where we will make repairs and we mark along the crack with our Torque Lock Staple templates. Alternating a wide staple (6 inch) with a short staple (3 inch), we span the crack and mark the location where we will drill for the posts of each staple. We make the holes and chip out the surface layer of the pool to inset the staples.

The staples are inserted and a controlled compression is applied to the patented cam-post in each staple. This compression assures that the crack will not move, separate, shear or become wider with time. Torque Lock Staples are the only patented device to provide this kind of strength and compression. Rebar, epoxy, carbon fiber straps – those are all temporary repairs that will eventually have to be repaired properly using Torque Lock Staples – it makes sense to do it right the first time and never deal with those cracks again.

Once the staples are installed, we cover the area with a waterproofing material and then cover the entire area with new concrete to match the surrounding area of the pool. The pool is now watertight and prepared for years of leak free use. This is the only way to get a crack in a pool fixed properly.

Learn more about the trusted strength of Torque Lock Structural Staples by visiting https://torque-lock.com. Torque Lock Staples ship worldwide and provide the only permanent solution for structural crack repair in pools, spas, fountains, sea walls, concrete floors and foundations or any other solid concrete structure.

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