When cracks show up in basement floors, it’s definitely a cause of stress for a homeowner. Snaking jagged lines can mean a number of issues, one being – a structural crack. Fixing structural cracks in a cement floor with Torque Lock is easy.

Often, reasons for cracking can be due to how a floor shrunk as the concrete dried, settling or possible movement of dirt beneath it. Homeowners often try epoxy patches and injection, simply filling cracks with concrete and even inserting rebar to try and keep the crack from spreading. These options are not permanent and will need to be repaired again at a later date. The answer fixing cracks in a cement floor is to use Torque Lock Structural Staples.

Once a crack has begun, the reason it separates will typically still exist after repairs. If epoxy injection is applied and the crack widens, it will pull the epoxy from the edges of the crack and the problem will get bigger. The same will happen with concrete, and rebar doesn’t provide support to maintain a crack, leaving it with the potential to continue lengthening across the floor, widening or if water seeps beneath the surface, shearing can occur.

Torque Lock Structural Staples use a patented off-set cam to apply a controlled compression to either side of a structural crack. When properly installed, the torque compression resists a cracks potential to widen. Now, when penetrating and filling the crack with a spec-mix or concrete, it stays where it’s put. Water won’t penetrate the crack, and the pressures that cause it to widen are held at bay with up to 5000 lbs. of resistance from further cracking.

Installing Torque Lock Staples is easy. Homeowners and virtually any contractor with basic tools can do this. Using the templates provided in the kit, the areas for installation are marked, holes for the posts and the cam of the staple are drilled and the staples are set into the floor. Once compressed, the floor can be re-finished to match it’s surrounding area and the cracks are finished.

Torque Lock Staples are the only post-tension controlled-compression staple available on the market. With their patented design, they have been the solution concrete professionals trust for more than a decade. Used to repair some of the biggest swimming pools in the world, fountains and sea walls and even foundations in Chile after recent earthquakes – Torque Lock Structural Staples have the strength to keep concrete intact and end structural cracking forever.

Torque Lock Staples are ordered online, direct from the manufacturer and delivered to your location. Orders can be placed by phone by calling Torque Lock at 818-436-2953.