Torque Lock Structural Systems has performed an internal study on pools repaired with epoxy and found that zero of the pools they consulted on solved their structural cracking issues using epoxy as a repair solution. With hundreds of pools repaired, every structural crack found that used epoxy as its repair method produced leaks at a later date and needed further repair.

With more than 5 years of detailed repair information reviewed and hundreds of pools repaired, the data states some glaring issues where epoxy was injected into structural cracks in swimming pools. Not one of the pools consulted on maintained its ability to hold back leaking in the area of epoxy injection. With time, cracks increased and separated and in every instance, the epoxy failed to fully penetrate the crack and stop water from seeping through.

Southern California Pool Repair Company CalTech Pools, who participated in the study, noted many products that have come and gone in the repair industry. Products they’ve discussed that don’t work include carbon fiber, re-bar and above all, epoxy injection.

CalTech Pools CEO Darren Merlob states, “One of the biggest issues we find when customers call about pool leaks is that they had previous repair work done, and it failed. When they hired a contractor to fix a structural crack, the contractor injected epoxy into the crack and refinished the pool. Once the epoxy dried, it did little to stop the penetration of water and with time, the cracks continued to get worse and needed repair again. To do it right, we use Torque Lock Structural Staples.”

Torque Lock Structural Staples are a patented Structural Repair Staple that applies a controlled compression to either side of a structural crack. The solid steel staples do more than applying re-bar or injecting epoxy to fill a crack; the Staples apply a consistent compression to the crack that resists spreading, separating or shearing. Once cement is applied over the repaired area, the crack is secured. Re-finishing the pool over the repaired area leaves the shell leak free and secured for a lifetime of use.

“I had a standard pool with cracking due to ground movement here in California,” shares Brandon Morales. “I had constant water loss and I honestly feared the pool was going to have to be removed or replaced. My pool guy injected the crack with epoxy and it was good for the summer. Over the course of the off-season, we began losing water through the crack again. That’s when we hired CalTech and they used Torque Lock Staples to fix the crack. It never leaked again.”

Torque Lock Structural Staples can be installed in a day by any contractor or handy homeowner. With the tools available at standard hardware stores, repairs on a swimming pool with Torque Lock Structural Staples assures pool owners that their pool is structurally sound, even when epoxy injection has previously failed.

The Torque Lock website offers direct to door delivery of Staple Kits and shares dozens of videos showing how to properly install the Staples and to repair swimming pool cracks. Customer assistance is available and orders can be placed on the phone by calling 818-436-2953. Visit for more information.