Torque Lock Structural Systems, the manufacturer of the patented Torque Lock Structural Repair Staple, introduces a corner staple for structural cracks that run through corners and radius areas in swimming pools. The staples are available immediately alongside the 3 and 6 inch staples the repair industry uses now to permanently repair structural cracks in swimming pools.

Structural cracks are common in Gunite and concrete swimming pools where ground movement, shifting and often poor building methods can lead to cracking and separation in the pool shell. Filling cracks with epoxy is not a permanent solution, and cutting through the pool shell to pour in new cement only leads to further issues when the area between the old and the new cement begins to pull apart. The permanent fix is done using Torque Lock Structural Staples.

Repair technicians who use Torque Lock Staples and the patented installation method, offer the security of knowing that once installed, the crack stops now. By inserting Torque Lock Structural Staples along the crack in the pool, a compression of up to 5000 lbs is applied to either side of the crack. With staples inserted every 12 inches, the ability the crack has to shift, shear or pull apart is reduced to zero. By using hydraulic cement and finishing over the crack – the pool is fixed without the potential of the area to re-crack in the future. Torque Lock Staples are the only permanent repair solution in the world and can be applied to swimming pools, basement cracks, fracture lines in foundations, driveways, walls, seawalls, or virtually any other structural crack.

Torque Lock Structural Systems is proud to now offer staples designed to maximize effective compression in corners and radius areas in pools. The 45 degree and 90 degree corner staples are designed with science in mind and distribute the trusted compression of Torque lock Staples equally in cracks that cross through areas of the pool where surface planes change. Where a crack runs up the corner of a pool, along steps or in a radius cove, the 45 and 90 degree staples turn with the surface of the pool and apply their strength to either side of the crack from the surfaces opposing angles. This adds the benefit of reducing the depth of cutting when the surface of the pool shell is prepared for installation. It’s a design that Torque Lock’s R&D lab worked hard to perfect.

Corner and Radius Staples, like the standard staples, are available directly through the Torque Lock website in kits. The kits include templates for marking the areas of installation as well as all the components that guarantee a perfect installation. Contractors and handy homeowners can easily install the structural staples and a complete explanation of installing them is explained with video on the Torque Lock website. Contractor pricing is available and orders are shipped directly to your location, anywhere in the world.

For more information on the Torque Lock Structural Staple, the only permanent solution for structural crack repair, visit or call 818-436-2953 to place orders or get more information.