If you’re a contractor and you’re using epoxy injection or Kevlar Staples to fix a customers structural cracks, you’re ripping them off and you should be fired on the spot. Repairing concrete with wafer-boards and bendable straps, and telling a customer their solid concrete structure is secured is a lie. You are lying to the people who are trusting you and paying you to fix their structural cracks. As a customer, when you have structural cracks, yes, be very afraid that the long term result of ignoring them will lead to a complete demolition or structural collapse.


Epoxy injection was invented to make people believe that water was going to stop penetrating their pool walls when it was squirted into a crack. Millions of people have done it, and millions of people have watched it fail, only to either re-apply it, try to cement over it or simply watch their pool fall apart. Squirty-goo doesn’t secure concrete. True, it doesn’t cost much to do the first time, but it doesn’t stop cracks from getting worse. Then, you’re going to pay to do it again, and again when the crack continues to spread and the epoxy falls out.

Then there are these wafer-boards that they call Kevlar and they are literally useless rigid cardboard covered in a polymer and glued to the wall. These do nothing to secure the crack, the only thing stuck to the wall is the glue that gets sloshed on top of it! Is GLUE going to hold tons of concrete together? NO. If the wafer-board doesn’t snap it’s because the glue popped off the wall and guess what – you still have a crack that is widening and lengthening and now you have cardboard wafer strips glued all over the wall. That’s pretty.

Torque Lock Structural Staples are the ONLY PATENTED SOLUTION to end structural cracking forever. That means, you can only get them from Torque Lock, and if it doesn’t say Torque Lock when you get it, it’s a knock off that will fail … and it’s being sold to you as an illegal scam because Torque Lock is patented. When installed, only Torque Lock staples apply a controlled compression to either side of the crack of up to 5000 lbs! You think your crack can push 5000 lbs left and right? Not likely!

When Torque Lock Staples are set into the wall, concrete cracks will not widen, lengthen, shear or separate. But who can do this?


It takes a few basic tools, a little gumption (get up and go), and the staples available at https://torque-lock.com. Instructions, videos and customer service with a phone call are all available at https://torque-lock.com and any contractor on the planet can do it for you too. How do we know? We’ve delivered Hundreds of Thousands of staples worldwide and they’ve been used on pools, foundations, sea walls, really really big fountains and a bunch of other stuff. They were used to secure foundations in Chile after that big earthquake so structures would stop collapsing and killing people. If you think some carbon fiber wristband is going to do that, you’re nuts.

When you’re ready to actually make a permanent repair, one time, and end your structural cracking issues, call Torque Lock at 818-436-2953, or go onto https://torque-lock.com and get the things you need to fix the problems you have.