Before homeowners close their pools for the year, they’re calling now to make repairs on issues that otherwise might have kept them from a day or two of swimming during the heat of the summer. Realistically, structural crack repair really just take a couple of days.

When visual signs of cracks appear in swimming pools, they aren’t always structural. They are, however, a good indicator of water loss becoming a problem over time, and the potential that the pools structure will be compromised. So before draining the water and prepping the pool for the winter, homeowners are getting a proper leak detection to find out if those cracks they see are really leaking, or are really structural.

Once identified as leaking, structural crack repair is fairly easy, using common hand tools and Torque Lock Structural Staples. A hand-held grinder, a drill with a concrete drill bit and a chipping hammer do the trick. Tis allows the contractor to use the included staple templates to mark where the staples will be inset, drip the insertion holes and chip down about an inch in the surface layer fo the pool to install the staples and secure the cracks from moving.

Once the cracks are finished over, the pool can be re-filled, or closed for the season, however the homeowner typically keeps their pool over the winter, and in the spring when it’s time to prep the pool for another season of swimming, those cracks aren’t going to be a problem.