We got a letter from our friends at Howarth Pools. They told us that they received a call from a customer that had a structural crack repaired by another company and it failed terribly. The customer tried to contact the company that did the repair and they were nowhere to be found. Telephone disconnected, no website and unreturned emails. This isn’t uncommon, and we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your homework on your contractor before hiring them for a job.

The customer shared that the original contractor actually told her that he was using Torque Lock staples to do the job. When you look at this picture – it’s a piece of rebar. This is NOT a Torque Lock Staple. It didn’t take long to fail, and fortunately, the customer contacted Howarth Pools. They do use Torque Lock.

After the new repair work, Howarth Pools sent us a couple of before and after pictures, and showed the customer what Torque lock is, and why it’s important to use actual Torque Lock staples. Our patented staples and installation method is a guarantee that what happened before just will not happen again. In the end, the customer is swimming again and loving their pool.

A big thanks to Jeff Howarth for sharing the details of the job and for trusting in the Torque Lock staple. We’re proud to have been able to provide the solution your customer needed.