Not all repair jobs require Torque Lock Staples, but being that repair professionals do more than structural crack repairs, we are showing you another repair we performed on a pool/spa combo to repair a broken spa jet line.

The customer called about water loss, which we easily addressed with a complete leak detection using the Pro Complete Leak Detection Kit from LeakTronics. By having the right equipment when the customer calls, we can be in and out of a leak detection in under 45 minutes, and we turn that leak detection into paid repair work. You can do the same. There’s no sense showing up on a repair and taking someone else’s word for it. You’ve got to know exactly where the problem is and how YOU are going to repair it. LeakTronics offers an amazing Online Training Platform that includes the Pro Complete Kit and gets you paid performing leak detections along with your repairs. Visit LeakTronics and get started with that immediately.

As we listened throughout the pool, the sound coming from the leak was easily picked up using our PoolScope hydrophone. We backed up what we heard by inserting a PipeMic into the line and getting right on top of the leak. With our pressure rig, we injected bursts of air and water into the line and used our DeckPlate to get right on top of the area, knowing where we would dig as to reduce any invasive methods that would otherwise cause more damage than necessary. Precision, accuracy – happy customers…. and a repaired spa jet line.

With a jackhammer, we carefully broke through a small area that would allow us to make repairs. Installing a plumbers loop to replace the area of pipe we cut, you’ll see in the video where the break was in the line and exactly how we repaired it. we refilled the area surrounding the pipe, carefully poured and customized the surface to match the surrounding area and left the customer with a leak free spa and a pool that would be ready for the season and years of enjoyable use without leaks.

Learn about how the equipment at LeakTronics and their online training course can prepare you for an extremely profitable career that includes leak detection. turning leak detection into paid repair work, without having to sub work out to another company, keeps the control of the job in your hands, and helps get the job done fast. Visit now.