The list of cities and counties with local access public swimming pools is endless, and without surprise, the pools communities enjoy are often years, even decades old. Ongoing maintenance and proper daily and weekly services do a great job at keeping these pools in order, but time takes its toll on concrete, and eventually, cracks begin to show. Municipal Swimming Pool Crack Repair is a big job made easier and less costly when using Torque Lock Structural Staples.

In areas where temperatures fluctuate, and pools continue to get use year round, the effects of an aging infrastructure and regular use all factor into why and how concrete cracks. In some cases, while regular water loss is ignored and just rolled into the expense of facilities keeping a pool operating, indicators like tile pop-offs begin to tell the story of repair work becoming necessary. This was the case in upstate Vermont.

Municipal Pool Crack Repair

“We’d just wound down the summer season and we were losing water something fierce,” said Bill McCain, the Panton Recreational Center maintenance head. “We’d been regularly fishing tiles off the bottom of the pool and we were racing against time, trying to get through the end of the summer season before draining the pool to make repairs. We’d already ordered our Torque Lock Staples and we’d scheduled a tile pro to finish it up, the goal was to have it back together before school teams were ready to use it.”

“We had 4 locations where cracks were evident, and a small island that had a two foot crack with missing tiles. In total, it was about 27 feet of cracks in total and we were confident it would take a week to have it fixed. I was wrong, we did it over the weekend and prepared for tile repair that Monday.”

Municipal Pool Crack Repair

Torque Lock Staples are a permanent fix for structural cracks. The controlled compression of the patented off-set cam applies a constant pressure to the outside of the crack, ensuring that it will not separate, move or re-open in the future. When properly set into the concrete, the staples are finished over to match the surrounding area and the pool wall is permanently repaired.

When re-tiling, the end result is having what looks and feels like a new pool to tile over. When completed, the pool leaks will be gone.

“In the end, the pool looked new. We had a really good tile installer and we were able to match even the tiny tile segments to look like the original. Torque Lock Staples saved our 50 year old swimming pool for generations to enjoy.”

Learn more today about how Torque Lock Staples can restore large concrete swimming pools and make permanent repairs within budget on structural cracks. Get your staple kits here or call 818-436-2953 for more information.