Torque Lock Concrete Repair Staples are the only permanent repair solution made for concrete cracks and also provides staples for corner cracks. When pools crack, the controlled compression of Torque Lock Staples stabilizes the cracks, ensuring they don’t spread, widen or re-crack, making the repair permanent and the pool free of water loss and structural damage.

When cracks run through the corner of a pool, where two vertical surfaces, a vertical or horizontal surface or a radius comes together, the corner staples are designed to add compression to the areas around those cracks, allowing for a lifelong fix that maintains the strength required to keep corner cracks from becoming bigger issues.

Used globally as the only permanent repair solution for structural cracks in solid concrete, Torque Lock has implemented the controlled compression of their patented staple into both 90 degree angles and 45 degree radius curves to offer the same staying power for cracks that run through those surfaces. When installed properly, both planes alongside a corner crack compress to ensure the crack can’t spread. The patented design adds up to 5000 lbs of controlled compression to allow contractors to penetrate the crack with a concrete mix and resurface the pool wall, or other surface, to match the surrounding area. A fast and foolproof repair.

Corner staples install the same way Torque Locks revolutionary straight staples do. By drilling four holes in the concrete and installing straight posts, and the cam-post that provides the compression at each 12 inch interval, even corner cracks resist the ability to widen and spread.

See the video below.

Torque Lock Structural Staples can be installed easily by any contractor or handy homeowner with basic tools found at any hardware store. Orders are shipped direct from Torque Lock to the buyers location and come with free customer service by phone to answer any questions during installation.

Learn more today about how Torque Lock Structural Staples can repair your leaking cracks and fix your swimming pool for a lifetime of enjoyment. Visit or call 818-436-2953 for more information.