Here’s a question that’s been asked more than once, and the answer is no. When a bond beam cracks, this requires cutting the section out and installing new rebar, putting up board forms and pouring in a new solid section of concrete and bam, it’s repaired. This won’t be solved suing Torque Lock.

While a pool shell is solid and can be repaired by installing the controlled compression of Torque Lock Staples around the area of the crack, ensuring that it won’t separate or widen, a bond beam is made of a softer and less durable concrete, and it isn’t recommended to install staples and compression to make the repair. The softer concrete doesn’t offer the durability to maintain the compression where the crack occurs and will ultimately fail against the staples compression, even re-cracking. doing the job right the first time will spare the stress of having to do it a second time, and the expense of buying the wrong materials to make the permanent fix.

In the video above, we’re at a pool that needs a repair in the bond beam. You’ll se how we discovered the leak, opened the bond beam and made repairs, repoured the section and got the pool back into service.

As with any repair, a complete leak detection was performed, and the right repair method was discussed with the customer before planning out the repair. When the bond beam was opened up around the spa, we were able to see that the person who installed the pool and spa didn’t place the bond beam where it should have been and it was the cause of the area of separation.

during the process, we were able to remove and spare the original tiles that were installed with the pool and refinishing the surface allowed for the use of those tiles and to keep the look fo the spa and pool coping the same as before the work was done.

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The patented Torque Lock Structural Staples are the only permanent repair method for concrete and Gunite pool cracks. Learn more today.