I received a phone call from a Torque Lock user in Pittsburg that wanted to share his story about suing Torque Lock Structural Staples on his pool. He referred to the crack as a cold weather leak that didn’t stop until he used Torque Lock.

Jim is in Pittsburg, and it gets cold there. Last summer he had a leaking crack in his pool shell and he looked at Torque Lock as a potential repair; good choice, but a friend told him he didn’t need to go through all that “trouble” and could just fix his pool with some 2-part epoxy. Here is the problem. Epoxy, when injected through the shell to penetrate the crack is an option for some pool repair technicians, when they use it to fill the crack AFTER Torque Lock Staples have been installed – but smearing 2 part epoxy over a pool crack doesn’t repair the crack – and Jim is yet another person to prove that fact.

When a pool cracks, it wants to keep spreading. There is a force, a pressure, some kind of scientific magic that made the crack ope up in the first place and it wants to keep spreading. By applying a compression onto the crack, it will resist the ability to spread and the crack can be repaired permanently. The only patented repair device in the marketplace that applies that compression to concrete is Torque Lock.

Jim trusted his friend and that friend dove into the pool and mudded up the crack with a long and ugly white line that temporarily stopped water from entering the crack. Summer ended and that cold Pittsburg winter made it’s way into the pool and you know what happened. The crack spread a bit and water started seeping out of the pool. During the warmer winter spell, the crack didn’t pose as much of an issue, but one cold freeze and the pool was leaking again.

It doesn’t take a lot to understand why freezing water expands and when it’s inside of a crack, that expansion is pushing the concrete apart enough to cause a very noticeable leak, facts delivered – 2-part epoxy did not solve the leaking or the cracking issue – the crack still exists, it still spreads and leaking still occurs. Jim pulled the trigger and got the Torque Lock Staples.

It took 7 staples to cover his crack, a 6 and a half liner foot crack, and the pool was finished over to match the surrounding surface area. Not just that it looked better – the concrete was enforced with a controlled compression that stopped the concrete’s ability to move, even the slightest bit. Jim had the crack filled with a hydraulic cement and the pool was finished over to perfection. The end result – it isn’t leaking anymore, even when it’s bitter freezing outdoors.

When Torque Lock Staples are installed, every 12 inches down the length of a crack – in floors or walls of your pool, the crack is thoroughly stabilized. The inflexible cold rolled steel and off-set cam are Torqued to an easy 22 pounds and the stitch compression keeps the potential for movement away, permanently. When the crack is penetrated, be it with hydraulic cement, or an injected epoxy and hydraulic cement – user preference prevails, the crack is fixed. it’s filled, stabilized, and permanently repaired. It simply will not spread and the leak is repaired.

Like Jim, if you have a crack and you know 2-part epoxy isn’t the answer, call Torque Lock today and get the only permanent repair method on the market for your pool shell. The time and money wasted applying goo and stuck to a pool shell isn’t going to stop your leak. Do it right now and enjoy your pool for a lifetime.

Torque-Lock: 818-436-2953.