It is widely known that structural cracks are not repaired with 2-part epoxy, they are simply filled in an homeowners a led to believe that if the water isn’t flowing out fo the crack, it’s fixed. That’s utterly wrong and criminal to charge a customer for that can call it repaired. Spackle doesn’t fix cracks! That’s like suing a gauze pad to repair a broken arm.

Structural cracks are susceptible to widening, and widening fast, as the pressure behind them is going to cause them to spread. Epoxy hardens and breaks away, rebar doesn’t compress, in fact, it has the potential to bend and pop out, and simply plastering over a crack does nothing to support the structure that wants to spread apart. Fix it right, or you’re outright screwed!

Torque Lock Structural Staples are the only concrete repair staple in the industry to apply a controlled compression to the crack, the necessary requirement to permanently repair a structural crack; yes – compression. By applying the compression that Torque Lock Structural staple provide means the potential your pools shell has to continue opening its crack is virtually nil. The pressure behind the shell is less than the compression applied to the crack so it won’t budge. It’s permanent. When hydraulic cement is applied over the damaged area, it penetrates the crack, adheres to the unite and forms a permanent bond, one that epoxies cannot form, and the pool is refinished to perfection … leak free, crack free, worry free perfection.

Staples For Corner Cracks

Now, cracks may run through the corner of a pool, where stairs are, or where the radius turns from the wall to the floor. The act of chipping out the are to set a staple into the curve means removing more concrete to set the staple into the wall. That is, unless you use a Corner Staple.

The patented design of Torque Lock Staples allows for that controlled compression, and the research and development team at Torque Lock took the potential further and designed 2 staples that address the needs to support concrete that cracks in corners. These are the 90 degree and 45 degree staples.

When chipping out the surface of the pool to lay in the staple, the 2 corner style staples follow the angle of the shell of the pool. This means less recess to insert the staple, and more concrete to support the compression of the staple. A stronger compression gives more support to the shell and the resistance to cracking is more secure, meaning less worry and less stress over both inserting the staple, and enjoying the pool for a lifetime after the job is done.

Torque Lock Corner Staple Kits come in 5-packs. Each kit includes 5 ninety degree, or 5 forty-five degree staples to use in areas where the cracks run through or across a corner in the shell. Installed the same way Torque Locks 3 and 6 inch staples are put into the shell, they guarantee the same compression and support as the tradition staples, with less effort to cut the area where repairs will be made.

When your crack runs through a corner and you’re ordering your staple set for repair, grab a set of corner staples and provide the best support a pool can get when making ferment repairs ons structural cracks.

See them here:

45 Degree Staple Kit: HERE

90 Degree Staple Kit: HERE

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