Torque Lock is proud to announce the newest addition to our structural repair product line. The new Crack Seal Flexible Membrane by Torque Lock pairs perfectly with our Torque Lock structural staple system that stabilizes structures during repair processes. Crack Seal is an elastomeric waterproofing flexible membrane made specifically for structural crack repair!

What is Elastomeric Waterproofing?

So what exactly is elastomeric waterproof, and why is it so important?

Elastomeric coating is a thicker-than-paint external wall or roof coating which we apply above grade. It generates a very thick yet flexible covering that aids in the waterproofing of a structure’s exterior. It may bridge hairline fractures to create an airtight waterproof barrier, unlike conventional coatings or paints. Elastomeric coatings are typically applied to walls, floors, and roofs. The elastomeric coating is placed in liquid form, then totally dries, hardens, and attaches to the structure. It is important to mention that it remains flexible, as it moves, bends, and flexes with the structure underneath it. Elastomeric coating such as Crack Seal provides a waterproof protective covering to a building and helps protect it from harm.

How Torque Lock Crack Seal Flexible Membrane Works

Torque Lock Crack Seal Flexible Membrane is a waterproofing membrane installed over repaired cracks in swimming pools and other structures. This occurs after installing Torque Lock staples and filling in with cement for a tight seal.

If a structure cracks in the same area, Crack Seal can keep it watertight to prevent future leaking. This kind of product is a must-have for any structural repair that contractors perform on a swimming pool, fountain, or other structures that have a tendency to leak.

Crack Seal is a two-part flexible membrane system. The setting times for this product may differ. This is due to different climate temperatures and humidity– however, in most cases, Crack Seal can set very quickly. We recommend using Crack Seal with our Torque Lock Structural Staples as well as our new Quick Lock Fast-Setting Hydraulic Cement, which is released along with Crack Seal.

To learn more about the Torque Lock structural staples installation process, check out this video