There are times when you see lines in your pool surface that in fact, they aren’t leaking, but is it worth it to take that chance? A proper leak detection is going to answer the questions about potential leaks. If you see cracks, they clearly came from something that can lead to much bigger issues if ignored. Check them for leaks. Ignoring Structural Cracks Can Lead To Bigger Problems.

It’s extremely common that a structural crack is only leaking at a particular section of it’s full length, but that’s just today. What starts leaking in a 4 inch section will rapidly become a 12 inch section, and more, until the entire crack is leaking widening and spreading. When completely ignored, it makes sense then tire pool could just crack in half, but long before that happens, other issues will appear and the cost is devastating.

Water escaping a pool has to go somewhere. With the buildup of water, you may see decks cracking and lifting. These issues start small, then become a heaping mess that requires a complete demolition to repair. Along with the deck comes cracking and separating bond beams. The top level around the pool shell is softer concrete and is likely to split apart as the deck breaks up and now you’re looking at an entirely new costly repair if you’re going to save your pool and the patio surrounding it.

Ignoring Structural Cracks Can Lead To Bigger Problems

As water moves to find it’s own level, it’s own settling location and potentially, it’s own river to escape though, it can easily find its way to your foundation. Getting under that will cause pressure, lifting, cracking and splitting of the very foundation that your home is built on. A cracked foundation is expensive to repair properly, and the settling and shifting it can cause on the house built above it is going to be detrimental. All the while, moving landscape and settling dirt is going to lead to pipe breaks and separations, and in the end – a boatload of expenses due to simple ignorance. You saw a crack in the pool filled with water, a few hundred dollars is going to identify what the issue is and repairs can be made fast to avoid long term expense and sometimes, unrepairable damage. We’ve seen perfectly good pools that could have been fixed fast end up being filled in or gutted and replaced because the homeowner ignored the crack and just speckled some epoxy on it instead of making proper repairs using a Torque Lock Structural Staple installation.

Cracks form because of pressure, settling, questionable build processes and sometimes just because the mix of the concrete was weak. The Torque Lock Structural Staple was designed to apply the necessary compression required to stabilize cracks so permanent repairs can be made to stop leaking water, stop widening cracks and to spare homeowners the list of troubles that come from just ignoring the crack in the first place. The Torque Lock Staple is a patented design and is the only repair method in the industry that guarantees the proper repair methods that is absolutely required to stabilize and repair a crack. if it doesn’t say Torque Lock, it just won’t work.

Torque Lock Staples are easy to install and the work can be performed by virtually any contractor using basic hand tools. Torque Lock Staple Kits arrive at your doorstep in 10, 30 and 50 foot packs for repairs. Multiple cracks, no problem. Your contractor will map the entire linear footage of the cracks needing repair and the staples will do their job to save that pool today, and stop the increased damage and expense that is literally just a few months away from starting it’s destructive reign.

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