Expansion and contraction are two common traits that can affect a multitude of things. Water turning from liquid to a freezing solid-state can at times, break pipes. But do freezing and/or excessively hot temperatures affect structural cracks in a swimming pool, spa, or catch basin? Do extreme temperatures affect swimming pool structural cracks?

Absolutely. Due to water penetration, freeze and thaw can affect structural cracks significantly. They can also create a much bigger problem if left unrepaired. During winter months when water is leaking into the ground and saturation occurs, the surrounding area of your structure tends to expand and contract. This can affect the structure at the location of the leak. The change in the ground from dry to wet & frozen allows the structure to move with the ground which in turn may allow the structural crack to also expand and contract.

Extreme Temperatures and Swimming Pool Structural Cracks

Extremely high temperatures can also directly affect structural cracks in a pool. During the hot summer months, without irrigation, the soil around the pool many tends to dry out.  When the soil is then irrigated or if a large rainfall occurs and the ground becomes saturated, the ground will expand as it takes on more water. When the soil dries out, the cycle begins and if the pool is cracked, the crack may grow during the expansion and contraction of the ground surrounding it.

The way to help resolve the issue is to make a permanent repair with Torque Lock Structural Staples along the crack. If left unattended, it will never get any better, only worse and the damage will be more costly and time-consuming.

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