Uncontrolled leaks can cause catastrophic damage to your home and spawn serious health problems. The longer you wait to respond to potential leaks, the more of an investment it will be to repair the damage. Recognizing the symptoms of leaks and routinely checking your home for these signs will help you avoid serious problems in the future.

Damp carpeting, loose tiles, peeling linoleum and cupping wood flooring are common signs of a wet sub-flooring. This can be due to a saturated foundation. Broken water lines, bad ventilation and faulty landscaping can all be causes of sub-floor flooding, but when properly diagnosed, a fix can be easily made to stop increased damage and higher repair bills. Call a pro immediately if you notice any of these signs. The first step is finding that leak!

I had a leak repaired under my home,” shares Mike Ellefson. “Once I hired a leak detection professional and found the leak, the repair was completed in less than an hour the same day. I was lucky, it could have been worse, but it got me on alert when even the smallest sounds turned up in the house. A week later, I thought I heard another leak, and I called back my leak pros. As I’d had painting done on the house, it turned out that one of the painters had slightly turned a water spigot and it was enough to sound like a leak. I was relieved to find out it wasn’t, but knowing that sound of a leak was enough to keep me on guard, and knowing that is half the battle in keeping my repair bills down. The sooner you find it, the sooner you can stop it.

Stains and mold growth are also signs of water damage. These problems can occur anywhere in the home, but they are most common in areas that experience regular moisture. Oftentimes, mold and stains are due to leaking pipes or poor ventilation. Attic leaks can also cause stains and mold growth in your home. Call a professional leak detection technician if you notice any of these problems. A trained pro will safely assess the problem and provide an appropriate solution.

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As for becoming a Leak Detection Technician, visit LeakTronics and see what we have to offer. From tools to training and support for your career, we’re working to end leaks, water waste and unnecessary damage as a result of poorly diagnosed leaks, wherever they occur.