Most structural repair professionals have been in a puzzling situation at one point or another. It’s definitely frustrating to be stuck in a situation without any outside guidance.

But who can you call? In most cases, your equipment supplier would likely be your last choice. However, technical support for structural repair jobs is vital– and your equipment supplier should really be your first point to reference.  When contacting the manufacturer of your product, you should be able to speak with a person who can help, not a machine.

At Torque Lock, we understand the need for customer support and technical assistance. That’s why we provide the best support in the industry with live agents as well as the best structural repair product for solid concrete cracks.

Customer Support is Vitally Important

As a structural repair professional, having the best tools, equipment, and supplies is key. However, it is vital to work with a brand that can offer more than just supplies.

To start, your brand of choice should be easy to contact. Just as well, a good structural product manufacturer should be available to provide technical support. Perhaps you’re up against a very difficult structural crack repair job and need a bit of insight. You might have a job where you need to fix structural cracks in a foundation you’re unfamiliar with. Torque Lock offers professional technical support for even the most niche of jobs when you need it. If you are hesitant and want to find out which Torque Lock Kit to purchase, check out this video on misting and mapping to find pool cracks before installing Torque Lock Structural Staples.

Torque Lock is Here to Help

At Torque Lock, customer support is our number one priority. We believe contractors should believe in the structural repair product they use and the company that stands behind their product.  A customer is more than just getting sales.

Maybe you’re trying to decide how many specific Torque Lock staples you might need for a particularly tough job. Perhaps you need to know if the Torque Lock system is capable of working on a specific job. Regardless of your job-related question, the team of structural repair experts at Torque Lock is only a phone call away to answer your questions. 

We also believe that technical support in this industry requires more than just a chat on the phone. Send us your video or pictures of the job or crack you’re struggling with so we can see what you might be up against and whether or not – Torque Lock structural staples are an appropriate fix.

Most of the individuals that make up our customer support team are experienced repair professionals that have repaired thousands of linear feet of structural crack. We are here to help– and that’s how it should be.

Want to learn more? Check out more information videos on our YouTube Channel or get in touch with the Torque Lock team today to learn more about our technical support practices and to see which specific Toque Lock products and systems are ideal for your upcoming job. Call us at (818) 436-2953 or send us an email at