Torque Lock structural staples are so incredibly important when it comes to repairing structural cracks or damages in the foundation of homes, pools, etc. made of concrete and similar materials. Controlled compression is the key to success when using Torque Lock staples for permanent structural crack repair.

The Best Controlled Compression Staple on the Market Today

Torque Lock is the only post-tensioning controlled staple available on the market today for structural repair. Torque Lock Structural staples, when installed in concrete, allow the operator to apply controlled compression to the dividing region. It’s difficult to pull masses of concrete together like you would a blanket, straining and sewing it together. 

However, when you use the Torque Lock Staple sto impart controlled compression, that compression acts as an opposing force to the concrete’s urge to move away from the pressure behind it. It wishes to split even further, yet it is unable to do so. The Torque Lock Staple’s additional compression will just not allow it to separate. It’s a matter of basic science.

After stabilizing the fracture using Torque Lock Staples inserted and torqued at foot-long intervals along the length of the fissure, you may fill the crack with a mortar type material and make permanent repairs the way they should be. The mortar will stick to the inside of the crack, entering the crack’s depth and fusing with the pool’s shell, the house’s foundation, or the structure of the wall where the staples have been set. Repairs using Torque Lock staples are more than merely filling cracks; they are really restoring the structure. As a result, the fix is permanent, and there should be no further issues with that specific crack or damage.

Many similar brands that provide structural equipment and supplies only seek to create a bandaid solution to a grander problem. At Torque Lock, we understand that finding a permanent solution for structural repair isn’t just a matter of providing value to customers– it’s a matter of ethics. That’s why Torque Lock staples are designed to be a permanent solution for most structural repair issues.

Choose Torque Lock Staples for Your Structural Repair Needs

Ready to change the way you conduct structural repairs? Torque Lock is here to help. If you’re taking on a tough structural repair job and don’t want to just provide a temporary solution, the use of controlled compression via Torque Lock staples can be a real game-changer. Our staples can be used for everything from concrete to poured block to gunite. Our staples are also ideal for a wide range of use cases, such as structural cracks and damage in swimming pools, houses, concrete buildings, carports, garages, and so much more. Basically, Torque Lock staples are perfect for any type of concrete foundation crack. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the many uses for Torque Lock staples and to order your kit today! You can also check out informative videos on our YouTube Channel.