Are you a contractor who uses Torque Lock staples to repair structural cracks? If your answer is yes, homeowners are looking for you. We get calls from homeowners daily asking for referrals in their area or for a contractor who uses our Torque Lock structural crack repair. Get Listed, Linked, and More Jobs.

That is why we created the Torque Lock Find A Pro map to link you with customers and help people find you.

What is the Torque Lock Find A Pro Map?

The intuitive Torque Lock Find A Pro map lists contractors using the Torque Lock products so that customers looking for help in their service area can find them more quickly.

When listed, customers can easily find you by filtering results by radius, city, state, and zip code. This way, they can easily find a contractor offering structural crack repair services near them.

What happens when customers don’t know how the map works?

When a customer doesn’t know how to use the map, we help them by providing them with the contractors’ contact information based on their zip code. So, no matter your location, we’ll link you to a customer in need of your services.

But you can go a step further to increase your visibility and ensure potential customers find you. Take an extra step and link your domain to the Torque Lock website, and we will reciprocate. This will lead customers directly to your website and help improve visibility on search engine platforms.

Why Get Listed and Linked?

Our patented Torque Locks are the only way to repair structural cracks permanently. We provide kits and training on how to use them.

Because of this, contractors using Torque Lock staples are almost always in demand. But homeowners looking for repair services may not know where to find a contractor in their area. Getting listed on our map bridges that gap between you and your next potential client.

Benefits of getting listed include:

  • Increased visibility
  • More traffic to your website
  • You will get more jobs and earn more
  • Get returning customers and referrals

And the best part?

The listing and linking are free for all the Torque Lock users using our products.

Get Listed. Let Customers Find You!

We’ll not only provide you with the best structural crack repair staples but also list your business where customers will find you—free of charge. Link your domain and drive even more traffic to your site. To find out more, visit our website and check out the Find A Pro map.