• Risks of Ignoring Structural Cracks

Risks of Ignoring Structural Cracks

Swimming pools are a source of endless fun and relaxation, providing an oasis of tranquility in our busy lives. However, beneath the shimmering surface lies a hidden danger that can compromise the safety and longevity […]

  • Structural Crack or Not?

Structural Crack or Not?

If you’re a property owner with a pool, spa, fountain, or concrete foundation, you’ve probably seen a few cracks in the surface here and there. But not all cracks are created equal! Some are […]

  • Get Listed. Get Linked. Get More Jobs.

Get Listed. Get Linked. Get Jobs.

Are you a contractor who uses Torque Lock staples to repair structural cracks? If your answer is yes, homeowners are looking for you. We get calls from homeowners daily asking for referrals in their […]

  • How Long Does a Torque Lock Repair Take?

Torque Lock Repair Timeframe

Are you about to take on a structural crack repair job? When it comes to billing and pricing, you might be wondering how long such a job will take if you charge by […]